Sunday, June 18, 2006

Web sites

First, the new layout for Done in photoshop, with Camille Rose Garcia and Tim Biskup fondly in mind.

Next is a self-portrait/photo manip for my personal art site. Both sites are still under heavy construction. When will I learn?? D:


Uncle Phil said...

"Lasagna Children" is a great name! nice stuff as well.

Chris George said...

I agree, and will go one further by saying that I think "Lasagna Children" is quite possibly the greatest name ever. Seriously, I love that name!

Alden V said...

i love that effect... i've been trying to do it for awhile... i can never get that same effect... :cries and hides away in shame:

Elliot Cowan said...

You have terrific lips.
I know this is all about art and animation, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to let you know.