Monday, July 10, 2006


I'm not feeling too confident about that lower body...any suggestions? Pretty please? :)


Alden V said...


Walt Sent Me said...

Hey carly...maybe you should try pushing the pose more, it feels a little static, go more with a swooping line of action, and kinda push his chest more out so u can make it feel like he's really leaning on the outter leg, making him feel more heroic and just a little full of himself. but thats just what I would do with it.(dont look at me like I'm crazy) Anyway thanks so much for putting up a link to me...I wanna do the same for u but I havnt figured out how to, when I do, I promise you and Adam will be first on the list


Lovelace said...

Put an unlit gigarette in his mouth and make the near leg a peg. Balance a flower pot on his head. Push the far arm out straight, angle the foil from the far foot away from body.

...or not.

Carly Monardo said...

Doug, there isn't a single drawing out there that can't be improved by an unlit cigarette and a flower pot. I'm just trying to go down the road less travelled.

Patsy, thanks for the input, man :) I think I'm going a little more for easy confidence than full-on pomposity, but it still couldn't hurt to push the pose a little :D And you're welcome for the link!

Alden, hello! :D

martin wittig said...

Carly---Awesome Blog!! I'm gonna link you this weekend..( when i have some free time!):)

Alina Chau said...

You have some real cool drawings!!

Brandon said...

He looks a bit off balance. I feel like the heel of his right foot should be direclty below his spine, and maybe the toe turned out a bit.

As it is, it almost looks like he's about to roll his ankle.

Oh yeah, and I hear an unlit cigarette does volumes for this sort of thing.

Carly Monardo said...

Brandon, thanks so much that was really helpful! I decided to go a different way for the website, but I think I'll finish this anyway :D

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