Monday, August 21, 2006

Venture Bros.!!

Time for another work in progress! I really wanted to draw Hank and Dean this time. A new episode just came in at the studio today and it filled me with the Venture spirit! So here's what I've done so far:

Hooray for sloppy gestures! Look at how off-model Hank is! What a silly-Billy!

Yes, for reasons unbeknownst to even myself, I've chosen a pirate setting. Dean's left arm feels blocky to me, so I'll have to finesse that a bit. But so far I'm having loads of fun. Boat-loads, you might say! (snicker)

More to come!!


Unknown said...

This. is. rad.

The Venture brothers could possibly be my favorite show on tv.

Lauren said...

Hank looks so good it makes me want to scream random obscenities.

Hey, I'm not saying it's a normal response...but Venture Bros isn't a normal show now is it? IS IT?!

really lovin it. Dean looks better than last night, but he's still not as awesome as Hank...not sure why

Carly Monardo said...

Adam - Thank you! Yeah, I love that show. Third Season, please.

Laur - It's because YOU'RE not as awesome as Hank.

Just kidding omg don't punch me through the internet!

Lauren said...


Ian Jones-Quartey said...

"Did you dab?"
"I dab."

excellent work as always

kaNO! said...

Nice, are you gonna give these your famous color treatment.

Unknown said...

I love the last pic...even though it's a WIP..I just love the gradient ky and the black lines and the highlights. :P

I'm happy to see you on blogspot! *squee*! :D

Marshall Bock said...

Hey, Carly. Thanks for the kind words over at my blog!

Good Jeebus, your painting skills are impeccable! Love your Thom Yorke painting (I actually had The Eraser as my featured album before Imogen). Checked out your site, too. If you don't mind, I'd like to get your advice on setting up a new website in HTML (seems like you know what you're doing).

My old site has grown boring for me, so i'm designing a new one that's less Flash-based and more editable. I'd appreciate it if you could help me a bit.

Thanks again! Great effin work!


Marshall Bock said...

PS - Shoot me an email if you're willing and able to help anytime soon. Thanks again.

Dan McDaid said...

Really strong piece. I'm digging the acting and that subtle bit of texture on the wheel especially. Nice.

I know nothing about this show, because I am a big fat Brit and we don't have these futuristic "animation shows" where I live. Bah.

Mind if I add you to the links on my blog?

Lovelace said...

hey Sweet brothers Carly! I think you got the magic touch.

Joe Cappabianca said...

very very cool...i'll be anticipating more to come. great work

Cale Atkinson said...

Looking good Carly!
I just came across your blog while doin some blog surfing and am glad I did! Some really nice work you have here, I'll be sure to stop by again soon to see what turns up next! Go team venture!

Chris George said...

A Venture Bros drawing, AND pirate themed?... Sounds like a winning combination to me! Great stuff as usual, Carly.

Carly Monardo said...

Ian: "Stop saying dab!"
And thanks!

Kano: Yes, indeedy, though I haven't settled on exactly what sort of treatment I'm going to go with on this one.

Sera: Yay, great to see you on Blogger, too! :D

Marshall: Thanks again, man, your stuff is great!

Dan: Thanks so much! I'd be honored with a link :) I've already added yours!

Douglace: Thank you, my Yoda.

Joe: Thank you! Your latest stuff just keeps getting better and better!

Cale: Thanks, man, I just checked out your blog! Excellent stuff!!

Chris: Thank yooooouuu! :D

Justin Offner said...

very good stuff, but, uhem...I thought we were going post for post here carly. your slipping.

Working Class Animation said...

WOW, doing story boards for the Venture brothers show is a dream job