Sunday, June 03, 2007

Carly paints again!

A new work in progress!! You know, I think I'm done with the super smooth and totally rendered paintings for the time being. There's nowhere you can go from that! They just sort of become dead to me. With something like this, though, there's still a feeling of energy. Plus it is obviously a painting. It's not trying to be a photograph or anything.

So unless a client comes along and requests otherwise (that's right, ladies and gents, I take commissions, weenk weenk!) this will be my way of painting! Oh, and here's the original sketch, for posterity.


Chris George said...

This looks great, Carly. Nice to see you painting again. Love the new profile pic too!

stephen said...

wow! this is simply amazing! the skin tones look so life like! love your mcninja work too =D