Saturday, October 06, 2007

I'm just talkin' about McNinja!

It's Doctor McNinja time again! This time I'm painting the cover for the second book, which will be a print version of the two-part 80's action film homage "D.A.R.E. To Resist Ninja Drugs and Ninja Violence".

Obviously I'm going for those really great 80's/early 90's movie posters. I'm looking at a lot of Bob Peak...he has some really lovely color choices. I wish they still painted movie posters like this...anyway!

This lovely lady on my left was my first concept. Chris and I both liked this one, but he wanted to see what else I could come up with, so I did the following image.

While Chris liked the composition on this one, he didn't want two Dr. McNinjas on the cover, so we scrapped it. Which is a shame because look how cute little chubby Ben Franklin looks!!

Which brings us to this little number! Same basic color scheme as the first version, only a warmer background, and MORE EXPLOSIONS! Ultimately this has a much stronger "I'm an action movie with muscles!" vibe, so it's the logical choice.

I want to try to go for a less photorealistic approach with this one, so I'll be posting my progress to see what you guys think!

Wish me luck ;)


Lauren said...


Unknown said...

great blog!
really enjoy your digital paintings

Suus said...

I looks very great :) Love your comments on your own work as well!

Lovelace said...

Sweet layout. Eat crow, McGinnis!

katzenjammer studios said...

yeah. they don't make movie posters like they used to. Bob Peak is great. You should check out some of the EARLY early James Bond movie posters of the 60's and the robert mcginnis posters.

sweet lookin comps. keep us updated!