Thursday, June 12, 2008


This was another commission, this time for a young gent named Michael. He requested Mal and Inara from Firefly/Serenity. Lookit them! Awww! They're so in love! Or maybe not I've never seen the show.

I went with a different shading style here; very air-brushy, which was fun, but not something I plan on doing too much in the future. I'm always afraid I've either gone too far with the airbrush or not far enough!


silvergirl said...

love the white on her bracelet, and the whites of their eyes. i'm not an artist, though- not sure if you should listen to me ;)
nicely done, anyway.

Shivers said...

Love the colours you've chosen... and yes, I did mean colour with a U, folks!
But its great that you're getting all these commission pieces.


Lovelace said...

They are not in love, but are temporarily in thrall to what psychobiologists refer to as TLS*

*Telepathic Lust Syndrome

Never, too, seen the show have I(SYSS*)

*Spontaneous Yoda Syntax Syndrome

Lauren said...

he's totally going to eat the baby...

awesome job! :D

Matt Boss said...

Man, if you'd seen the show then he wouldn't have been so soft looking and she wouldn't have been so non-seductive looking