Saturday, July 26, 2008 Mighty Monarch!

I realize I haven't posted any of my Venture Bros. work since...ever? 99% of what I do is props and characters, but on Season 3 I had the opportunity to assist with backgrounds and, occasionally, even paint one of my own! Here are two Monarch interiors I painted for "Home Is Where The Hate Is" (alternatively "My Dinner With Hatred")!

EDIT: I almost forgot to mention the amazing background design team responsible for the original designs here! George Fort is the fearless leader, working with Ray Feldman, Denny Fincke, and Chris Palesty. (Guys, if you have blogs let me know so I can link them!)

And of course I am supervised by the crazy talented Liz Artinian and joined by the amazing Chris Fisher and Deo Pangandoyon (who never ever told me his last name so I had to go looking it up on Google. Thanks, Deo!)

Monarch's Sick Bay

Monarch Corridor

(this one looks like it was stretched and skewed a bit).

Hopefully I can dig up some more to post later on :)