Saturday, July 26, 2008

Retro Futurism!

A couple of months ago, back around MoCCA, a fascinating gent named David Malki(!) approached me about painting a poster for him. He had visions of cigar-shaped rockets and chaps in fedoras and a city of lights and monorails! It was my pleasure to bring those visions to life :) Here are the preliminary sketches and studies...

And here is the finished product! It's currently making the rounds at San Diego Comic Con as a limited run print, but at some point in the not too distint future (ha!) it will be a poster available for sale on the internet :) I will, of course, be letting you fine folks know just as soon as that happens.

Concept, text, and typography by David Malki, sketch, design, and painting by me!


Jenny Lerew said...

Terrifically cool & thanks a mil for putting the process up too. Love your work!

Black Bloke said...

The font you used before the final product was awesome. What's the name? Or is is a custom job?