Saturday, July 26, 2008


Almost forgot to post this! This is a Megaman pinup that the super-talented Zack Giallongo drew and asked me to paint. I had a lot of fun with this one :)

Retro Futurism!

A couple of months ago, back around MoCCA, a fascinating gent named David Malki(!) approached me about painting a poster for him. He had visions of cigar-shaped rockets and chaps in fedoras and a city of lights and monorails! It was my pleasure to bring those visions to life :) Here are the preliminary sketches and studies...

And here is the finished product! It's currently making the rounds at San Diego Comic Con as a limited run print, but at some point in the not too distint future (ha!) it will be a poster available for sale on the internet :) I will, of course, be letting you fine folks know just as soon as that happens.

Concept, text, and typography by David Malki, sketch, design, and painting by me! Mighty Monarch!

I realize I haven't posted any of my Venture Bros. work since...ever? 99% of what I do is props and characters, but on Season 3 I had the opportunity to assist with backgrounds and, occasionally, even paint one of my own! Here are two Monarch interiors I painted for "Home Is Where The Hate Is" (alternatively "My Dinner With Hatred")!

EDIT: I almost forgot to mention the amazing background design team responsible for the original designs here! George Fort is the fearless leader, working with Ray Feldman, Denny Fincke, and Chris Palesty. (Guys, if you have blogs let me know so I can link them!)

And of course I am supervised by the crazy talented Liz Artinian and joined by the amazing Chris Fisher and Deo Pangandoyon (who never ever told me his last name so I had to go looking it up on Google. Thanks, Deo!)

Monarch's Sick Bay

Monarch Corridor

(this one looks like it was stretched and skewed a bit).

Hopefully I can dig up some more to post later on :)

May I direct your attention...?

To my new blog/project? It's called Whirring Blender Weekly Design Challenge! Each week I take 2 or 3 designs and attempt to redesign them in another artist or property's style! This week kicked off with my challenge to take two Disney princesses and redesign them after the style of Hyung-tae Kim! Check it out!