Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vampirella: ReVamp!

My entry for Project Rooftop's latest, fabulous contest: Vampirella ReVamp!

A lot of people kind of assume that Vampi is just some T&A queen, because...well...look at her! But there's a more to her than her sexuality. Did you know that she's a Vampire ALIEN? From outer SPACE? And that she hunts vampires here on Earth? I wanted to reflect her outer-space origins and give her kind of a fun, Barbarella look; still sexy, but more believable as a hunter.

I also have a nakeder variant. I am honestly torn, here, between staying true to the character and staying true to my own standards. Vampirella's been 3/4 naked for so long...maybe she's just one of those characters that's just SUPPOSED to be naked? I don't know.