Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hercules, Hercules!


Lauren got Hercules on DVD for our berfday, and I finally watched it, nearly 10 years after its release. I actually really enjoyed it. I particularly loved some of the designs! They were infused with the style of Gerald Scarfe, which I think was a really interesting choice on Disney's part.

Young Herc here was animated by Randy Haycock, who also did an amazing job with Clayton in Disney's Tarzan. I love what this guy does with body language.

Anyway, on to the point: I drawed him! I don't often draw men, so he's probably a little hippy. It's something I really need to work on in the future. Just a WIP for the moment. Any crits are welcome :D

UPDATE: Okay, so I've inked and colored him now! The tree still needs to be painted, and the background is still a MAJOR work in progress. BGs are not my strong point, but I need to get away from the "figure floating on a white page" thing that permeates most of my work. Ah, Greece! You can just smell the olive trees :> Incidentally I have no idea why he's carrying a tree around.


kaNO! said...

HAHAHAHA, your to funny Carli, Hercules is one of my favorite looking disney films. I would suggest checking out the art of hercules book, it's fulled with awesome artwork. I give you alot of props for attacking your weeknesess.

katzenjammer studios said...

nice. love seeing the development of art. Have yet to watch Hercules myself, maybe these drawings will subconsciously compel me to watch it and forget about stressing over Comic Con.
Keep up the work on the BGs, nice work.

Alden V said...

HERCULES is my favorite Disney flick of ALL time... very memorable... animated mythology... hell yeah!!!