Thursday, March 20, 2008

For sale (Fo sho)!

Those of you born under a lucky star will be able to buy one of these lil beauts at the UK Web & Mini Comics Thing this Saturday! It is my first ever limited edition print!


Aurora Cascudo Román said...

unusual colors and pet!
but I love your works..see you soon.
un saludo!

Tony DiStefano said...

Very nice piece of art.I like the detail in the buildings and the
characters are great.The outline color is a nice touch.

Dan said...

Super nice stuff Carly. I love the treatment of this, the pallete is awesome. It's an awesome print fo sho!

Unknown said...

If I hadn't been so totally broke when I got to your table I would have loved to pick up that print.

Lovelace said...

What a loverly painting, Carly. I totally identify with that ostritch.

Unknown said...

massively chuffed, i managed to pick up #3

plus the big (slightly cumbersome) envelope came in handy late on the day.

Shivers said...

WOW again!!! Are these all gone or can you (meaning me) still get one?