Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Right On, Red"

A lot of the stuff I work on can't be shared while the projects are in development, which often leads to a lot of radio silence over here. So with that in mind, I am throwing this drawing up in its inked stage!

"Right On, Red" is part of the fashion-inspired illustration series I kicked off in my last post. I chose to feature Cacharel's Pre-Fall line (which I lo-o-ove) this time around. I was immediately taken with the bold but simple colors and silhouettes in this collection, and the "story" came to me almost immediately. The title is a nod to Joanna Newsom's "The Book Of Right On", which I didn't hear for the first time until well after the drawing was underway; still it felt like a perfect fit!

I'd like to acknowledge the model who posed for all of the Cacharel shots, whoever she is. Her look was obviously a huge inspiration for the sisters' designs here. I think she's lovely!

Color will follow eventually!

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